याद तुम्हारी आती है

Poem in Hindi by Dr Megha Bhengra दो अलग अलग जिदंगियां थी हमारी तुम किसी छोर में और मैं किसी ओर एक दूसरे के वजूद की थी न जानकारी बस जी थे रहे न थी हमारे बीच कोई डोर हम कब इतने घुलमिल गए पता ही…

The Upstairs Girl a poem by emmanuel kerketta on tribalzone magazine a media platform for the adivasis of chotanagpur blurry blur silhouette of a girl woman near in front of window during sunset or sunrise blinds

The Upstairs Girl

Poem by Emmanuel Kerketta O Baby why are you so complicated. The More I try to explore you More you become sophisticated. Ya I know, I am not your Hero who can take away all your sorrow.But let me assure you that I am the…

Beautiful Tea Garden A Poem by Esthar Lakra | Tribalzone Magazine

Beautiful Tea Garden

Poem by Esthar Lakra, Assam Beautiful tea gardenEveryone’s favorite teaSmell of the tea wowSome people start their beautiful morning with teaHigh mountain, flat mountainUnder them beautiful green tea gardenFrom side to side only green tea gardenBetween the tea gardenStrong and tall tree everywhereUnder the blue…

Kurukh Poem Competition | OCOI | Sponsored by AKSU | Neetisha Xalxo on Tribalzone Magazine | A Media Platform for the Adivasis of Chotanagpur
Contest, Poetry

Kurukh Poem Competition

PROMOTION भाषा संरक्षण का बेहतर प्रयास।साथ आइये। Jai Dharme For contribution to the identity of Kurukhars All Kurukh Students Union (AKSU) and Our Culture is Our Identity (OCOI) is going to organise Kurukh Language Poem Writing Competition online. Interested persons can write poems in Kurukh…

Nagada | The Heartbeat of Tribals | Swapnil Anubhav Xalxo on Tribalzone Magazine

Heartbeat of Tribals

A sound echoed down the village as the ancestral drums were beaten. The sound of its curious beats uplifted the Tribal souls. A sound-alike a raging thunder. A sound that protected our fields from animals. A sound which gives you immense hearty pleasure. A sound…


My World

Poem by Rinita Rashmi Indwar My tiny palms in my someone’s armsGives me a tinch of happinessSubmerge my thoughts in depth ofbelongingnessYes tears roll down the cheeksWith that blow of jerk quirksWith every turn she hold me tightMaking my face even more brightHer melodious voice…