Essay Competition

1st Prize ₹ 3000
2nd Prize ₹ 2000
3rd Prize ₹ 1000


Who are we?

We are a group of Urban Adivasis originally from the hinterland of Chotanagpur.

We live in different Cities interconnected by similar aspirations for our people.



Why this initiative?

There is an increasing number of English reading Adivasis, hungry for indigenous content. There is also an increasing number of Adivasis who aspire to get published and be recognized for their talent. Hence in the year 1999 we created a platform for chotanagpur adivasis to connect and network, starting a website called TRIBALZONE.

To reach out to our offline target audience, we had started a print magazine which was sent out to more than 4000 postal addresses in India and abroad. Many people young and old began sharing their views, news, articles, stories etc., month after month until 2008.

With time, we decided to grow, upgrade, rebuild and revive. This Online Magazine is intended to promote the CREATIVITY of our people. This Project will promote original content by Adivasis in the form of Text, Image, Audio and Video.

Our primary focus is on Writing skills. We believe, EVERYONE CAN WRITE !

This platform is an OPPORTUNITY for all Adivasis to start writing and get published.



What can you do?

P L E A S E   S T A R T   W R I T I N G.

You can connect intellectually with other Adivasis.

S H A R E   Y O U R   C R E A T I V I T Y.

Submit your Articles, News, Events, Stories, Ideas, Food Recipes, Interviews, Portfolios, Travel Journal, Photographs, Poems, Letters, White-papers, Coaching, Paintings, Drawings, Real Life Stories, Facts, Health tips etc.

Publish announcements (birth, marriage, death), Thanksgiving, Obituary, News, etc.,

Announce Adivasi gatherings in your town/city for a celebration, meeting, general cause, exhibition, demonstration, etc.,  Send us your writings with photographs of the event.

Write to Us at (If you wish to write in Sadri, Kurukh, Santali, Gondi, Ho, Mundari, Khadia, Bhil or any other Adivasi language, please share your FONT alongwith your content.)

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Tribalzone First Citizens

Bhuneshwar Baxla, Rajneesh Oraon, Leena Deogam, SK Tigga, Dr. Dhuni Soren, Ranjan Robert, Vinod Prakash Baxla. Ramray Tudu, Dr. Anupma Jyoti Kindo, Barisa Kisku, Alok Nayak, Neelima Kongari, Salkhu Majhi, Lallit Latta, Winnie Toppo, Ignace Kujur.