अपने को मर्द कहते है
ये नामर्द करके बलात्कार,
मिटादि अपनी भूख उस पर
जो थी लाचार,
दिखते हैं ये दरिंदगी
किसी की काट के जुबान,
पूछो अपने आप से
क्या वह नहीं थी
भारत माता की संतान?

रो रही हैं उसकी माँ
पर सोया हैं सर्कार (संतान)
अँधा हैं कानून मगर
सुना हैं लम्बी हैं हाँथ
आज वो हाँथ क्यों बंधे हैं
जब उठना था न्याय का तलवार,
सह न पाई बेचारी यह अन्याय
और त्याग दी संसा।

आजाद पंछी सा घूम रहे हैं
जो हैं गुनेगार,
पुलिस ने जला कर रख तो कर दी
बेचारी को करके अंतिम संस्कार,
सूरज उग के ढाल भी गया
फिर भी कड़ी हैं ये कठपुतलियां सा
जिन्हे हम कहते हैं
न्याय का पहरेद।

We call ourselves as a civilized citizen of country. However, we are wrong even after 74 years of freedom. Everyone does not enjoy same freedom some more and less, and even some are terrified with the freedom. There is still long way for the equality. Because we measure the power with physical strength and it is pretty sure that women fall and men are raised above. Same situation is seen in our villages too. It is okay to say that there some ritual in our Adivasi community but it does not mean women are just an object. We never heard this kind of news in Adivasi community during our old generations. But now being in generation of modernization and advance technology we do hear this kind of cases in our community too, which is same for us all. Being in the age of technology, internet and social-media many poisonous are being shared like MMS, Pornography, blackmail over phone and social-media. Thus, these all ultimately leads to crime. So, as we are told of the word called “MAN” means powerful, let’s all including women be powerful with our mind. Because the real man is not one who controls women but controls his own mind.