Fred the red rooster
And Speckled -Hen Rose
Were dancing ‘til midnight
On tip-tapping toes

They tangoed and fangoed
Beneath the bright moon
They box-stepped and two-stepped
While Fred hummed a tune

It’s time you were sleeping
Said Rose with a yawn
For you must rise early
To wake up the dawn

Let’s dance one more jig, Rose
We’re having such fun
Then, whirling and twirling
They danced until one

Next morning-no morning
For Fred was too tired
To wake up and crow
The hen softly slumbered
The ducks and the sheep
The farmer, his family
And the dog stayed asleep

At noontime the farmer
Jumped out of his bed
He looked at the clock
Then went looking for Fred
And all of the others,
Awakened by now

The family, the dog
The goose, and the cow
The chicks, the piglets
The hens and the sheep
The ducks and the donkey
Found Fred fast asleep

He swore there and then
He would never let
This thing happen again

Now Fred still goes dancing
With Speckled-Hen Rose,
But he sets an alarm
So, he wakes up and crows