A travel journey could be an office commute, excursion, trekking, hiking, seafaring to name few. Whether an occasional traveler or vagabond or a wanderlust, every time you traveled, you saw, thought and felt many things. You can transpose those thoughts, feelings and sights into writings.

Share with the world what you saw and how it felt. Good, bad, magical, scary moments and experiences. Describe your vision, Express your feelings. Writing our experiences helps us express in detail and share it with a larger audience.

Allow the reader of your article to see and feel like you. Let the reader travel along through your story. You may use some photos to augment your writing. Decide which photos to use along with your text.

People love reading about other people’s experiences.
Readers want to know your personal nature.
Showcase your personality. 

We invite you to tell your story on our Magazine. Write your travel experiences and get them published on Tribalzone Magazine. Our Audience is Primarily Adivasis spread across the globe. The content of our website is shared through e-mails, facebook and Instagram. Once your article is published, you may expand your audience through your own social sharing. You can write in English or Hindi.

Writing Ideas for Travel Article.

  • Summer Holidays
  • Vacation with family / friends
  • Escape to a distant land
  • Road adventure
  • Mountains / Himalayas
  • Wildlife / Deep Forest
  • Craft / Cuisine travel
  • Festival tourism
  • Arctic/Antarctic
  • Business travel
  • Village Visit
  • Adventures like Hiking, Scubadiving, Balooning, Gliding, Paragliding, Skydiving, Formula Racing

While writing your travel journal, you may want to use the below attributes.

Packing, booking hotel/flight, planning no of days, clothes to wear and budget, making friends, surviving a long drive or flight, observing, trying local food, dress, culture, handle money, coping with foreign language, shopping, etc.

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