A beautiful life begins with one’s birth;
And its journey continues according to one’s luck.
This human life is so uncertain to every born child.
The year 2020 welcomed and bade farewell to many

In 2020 many began new pages of their life;
Hoping, desiring to fulfill the dreams they had,
But then struck the horror of Covid-19
That destroyed the lives of many.

The whole world turned into panic
Struggling to combat the Queen Corona;
The deadly pandemic respected none,
Attacked everyone, nowhere to escape

The powerful virus, invisible Covid-19
Tore the world apart, tore the Human soul,
Shedding tears the mother-earth opened her heart
To shelter a million deceased.

No scientist, no doctor, no intellectual
Neither Ministers nor the W.H.O,
Could prevent the deadly transmission
Everyone is vulnerable, troubled with the outbreak.

The human mind, power, and strength,
Lost amidst the painful cries of human race,
Causing death to young and old.
Only helplessness and hopelessness remain.

O Divine Master, all powerful God,
Who can escape from your wrath and vengeance?
The ailing planet with great hope looks upon you
And cries out in agony for your mercy and compassion.

O Gracious, magnificent and Holy God
Hasten to the painful cry of your people,
Come, expunge and make it whole
Come, heal and touch, revive the face of the earth.