Poem by Emmanuel Kerketta

O Baby why are you so complicated.
The More I try to explore you
More you become sophisticated.

Ya I know, I am not your Hero
who can take away all your sorrow.
But let me assure you that I am the guy
Who can create a new tomorrow.

Why am I so confused?
acting very rude.
Every time when you walk by
I feel so refused.
Can you give me a reason
Why am I still Stuck with you?

I have never expressed,
myself like this before.
And I believe that there is some source
Which is pushing me more and more.

O girl can you give me a clue
which may lead to our final conclusion.
and help me Find out
why my heart pounds for you
without any reason.

I wonder when people say “Only 11 steps there”
but my count exceeds many of it very clear
now the moment of exile is coming very near
and I still don’t have enough courage my dear.
I think, I will remain numb till the end whatsoever.
as I am not sure of your final answer.

— Imli 🙂