Poem by Esthar Lakra, Assam

Beautiful tea garden
Everyone’s favorite tea
Smell of the tea wow
Some people start their beautiful morning with tea
High mountain, flat mountain
Under them beautiful green tea garden
From side to side only green tea garden
Between the tea garden
Strong and tall tree everywhere
Under the blue sky a very beautiful tea garden
Lots of gardeners are busy spreading water
Some are busy cleaning tea plants
Beautiful Angels are busy with tea leaves
From morning to evening busy in the tea garden
Lots of people working here to maintain the family
Rain, wind, thunderstorm comes
Sunlight falls but still they are busy working
Those who work in the tea garden
Some people called them tea tribe
Wow what a joke
Their profession become their identification
Because they work in the tea garden
For them no government holiday’s
They work hard but what they get nothing
But to feed their stomach
During this hard time still they are busy working
No value of their lives.