We, at Tribalzone, will showcase and promote the artwork and photography of fellow Adivasis, especially the youth.

What kind of photography do we showcase?

  1. Photos that speak louder than words. Photos that tell a story. Photos that don’t even need a caption. Photos that keep the viewer staring.
  2. Photos of something never seen before. A photo that displays something rare, uncommon or unusual.
  3. Photos that showcase the culture and tradition of tribes. (Such photos help in documenting the slowly fading away tribal culture and history for generations to come).

*NOTE: Photos of tribal culture is NOT mandatory for submission and is purely optional.

What kind of Artwork do we showcase?

  1. Artwork that is unique and beautiful. Artwork that is different and uncommon.
  2. Your Artwork can be inspired by others but it shouldn’t be an exact copy of it.
  3. Tribal art is greatly appreciated. Tribal Artwork or Tribal Art inspired artwork is also promoted. (Such art helps keep alive the dying tribal culture and history and sustains it).

*NOTE: Tribal Art is NOT mandatory for submission and is purely optional.

Art & Photo Submission Guidelines:

  • The submission should be unique, and not a copy.
  • You should be the original creator of the submission. Stolen content is not entertained.
  • Only submit images you own the rights to.
  • Images should be clear and original.
  • The image should be of High Quality.
  • Zero tolerance for nudity, violence or hate
  • Manipulation rules:
    • The image should not have any text or watermark over it.
    • The image should not have any excess use or overuse of filters over it.
    • It should not contain any decorative effects, such as graphics, borders, flares etc.
    • Try to maintain the original raw look of the image file.
  • Supported file types/extensions:
    • For Photo – (.jpeg), (.jpg)
    • For Art – (.jpeg), (.jpg), (.png)
    • NOTE: Although PNG files are supported, they are not recommended as the quality or look of PNG images without 4 sides may be altered.
  • Single File Size: Minimum = 1MB; Maximum = 20MB
  • The maximum number of images that can be submitted at once is 5.
  • Mention the required, recommended and optional details:
    • Your Name (required)
    • Your Village/City/Native Place (required)
    • Your Age (optional)
    • Your Occupation (required)
    • Your Contact Info (required)
    • Your Social Media (optional)
    • Description/Caption/Name of the submitted images (recommended)


Standard Content Submission Terms & Conditions:

By submitting an article through email, you agree that:
(1) You are the original creator of your submission, You alone are solely responsible for all opinions expressed in the same submission. Tribalzone will not claim responsibility for the opinions expressed in the submission. (2) Your submissions and their contents will automatically become the property of Tribalzone, along with a credit to you, the creator; (2) Tribalzone may use or redistribute the submissions and their contents for any purpose along with credits to you; (3) There is no obligation for Tribalzone to review the submission or to keep any submissions confidential.

Best Ways to Submit Artwork & Photography:

Follow the steps below and your submission will be more likely to be published.

Step 1: Choosing what to Submit.

Always start by selecting what to submit. Tribalzone Magazine showcases rare and unique work that stands out. Select what is different from the mainstream, select what stands out, select what is beautiful.

Step 2: Checking your selection.

Make sure that your work complies with our Art & Photo Submission Guidelines.

Check whether:
  • The image file is of high quality.
  • The file extension is
    • (for Photographs) – .jpeg or .jpg
    • (for Art) – .jpeg, .jpg or .png
  • The image has any text or watermark over it.
  • The image has overused filters

Step 3: Compose an Email

Finally submit the work by sending an email to the address: tribalzonemagazine@gmail.com

Your Email format should be similar to this –


Photo Submission (If photograph submission)
Art Submission (If artwork submission)


(About the Photo/Art) *required
(Caption or Name of the Photo/Art) *recommended
(Your Name) *required
(Your Age) optional
(Your Occupation) *required
(Your City, Village or Native place) *required
(Your Address) optional
(Your Contact Information) *required
(Your Social Media URL) optional


(Attach the image files separately) *required
NOTE: Maximum number of files = 5

Step 4: Review & Send

Go through the email again, check whether the spellings, information and attached files are correct. After reviewing, hit Send.