Poem by Rinita Rashmi Indwar

My tiny palms in my someone’s arms
Gives me a tinch of happiness
Submerge my thoughts in depth of
Yes tears roll down the cheeks
With that blow of jerk quirks
With every turn she hold me tight
Making my face even more bright
Her melodious voice soothes my ear
Pull away from all kind of fear
She delivers her words
To which I reply with my smile
A bowl in hand, a cloth by side
She tries to feed me for awhile
Singing lullaby she dabs my back

With this I set those memories pack
She loves me and I love her too
The bond will never break “I do”
The significant figure of my existence
She is a beautiful mark of remembrance
Residing this journey of attachment
To a world full of those ,many kinds
Respect her is all my demand
Love for her always resides in mind
Unfolding the truth of true love with smile
Cloud of happiness seems to gather
In my shed of glittering weather
Yes, I will keep praising her till end
Without anything to worry about or bother
I love you infinite… my world, my mother