Best Submission of May 2020




World’s super beef — Wagyu Take a bite of wagyu steak, and its rich flavour and smooth texture will melt in your mouth, making you crave for more.   Wagyu is Japanese beef — Wa (Japanese) and Gyu (beef).   The luxury steak is popular because of its…


याद तुम्हारी आती है

Poem in Hindi by Dr Megha Bhengra दो अलग अलग जिदंगियां थी हमारी तुम किसी छोर में और मैं किसी ओर एक दूसरे के वजूद की थी न जानकारी बस जी थे रहे न थी हमारे बीच कोई डोर हम कब इतने घुलमिल गए पता ही…


The Upstairs Girl

Poem by Emmanuel Kerketta O Baby why are you so complicated. The More I try to explore you More you become sophisticated. Ya I know, I am not your Hero who can take away all your sorrow.But let me assure you that I am the…


The Last Flight

The First Chapter from the book “Life and Times of Jaipal Singh Munda” Written by Santosh Kiro View on Amazon My name was Pramod Pahan, son of Amru Pahan. I don’t know how it changed to Jaipal Singh when in 1911 my father took me…


Beautiful Tea Garden

Poem by Esthar Lakra, Assam Beautiful tea gardenEveryone’s favorite teaSmell of the tea wowSome people start their beautiful morning with teaHigh mountain, flat mountainUnder them beautiful green tea gardenFrom side to side only green tea gardenBetween the tea gardenStrong and tall tree everywhereUnder the blue…

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